P R A G M A T I C Psychology 

Practical Tools For A Better World!


 P R A G M A T I C  Psychology 

with Mag. Susanna Mittermaier, lic. clin. psychologist, CFMW

 Practical Tools For A Better World!



What if you would let go of the wrongness and the judgments of you! 



Who would you be? What would you know? 



And what would you be capable of creating as your life? 



Welcome to YOU! Welcome to you beyond depression, anxiety, bipolar, personality disorder, OCD, autism, ADHD, ADD and using them as the possibility they truly are!




"What I found in my work as a psychologist is that people get diagnosed and labeled, telling them what is wrong with them. They buy their diagnosis as real because an expert is saying so. Then they look for evidence in their daily lives to make that label a reality, proving their wrongness over and over."




Asking questions and opening up to a different perspective, lets you know what is truly going on. It gives you the information you require to change what you desire to change. It takes you out of the lies and the answers that tell you what is wrong with you and opens the doors to the awareness that sets you free.



Did you know that ADHD/ADD, OCD is not a handicap?  


What if you do not have to judge you or your kids anymore for not being able to sit still and concentrate, doing one thing at the time, focusing and behaving the way you are "supposed to"! 


What if you did not force you anymore to be still and ask what is right about your hyperactivity that you have not acknowledged? What if the most relaxing thing for you would be to do 8 -10 things at the same time? Do you have greater abilities to multitask, generate and create than you have acknowledged? 


What if you use your ADHD, ADD and OCD to create your life greater than you could imagine?


Depression and anxiety is as I have found a great level of awareness. It is picking up the thoughts, feelings and emotions of people around and thinking that they are yours. Imagine spending most of your time trying to solve problems that are not even yours! Many people who are depressed are taking on other peoples sadness as an attempt to heal them. 


Autism is also a great level of awareness and a totally different way of functioning with amazing potentials. We have so much to learn from the autistic way of being and! communicating! People say autistic people are not good at communicating. That is actually incorrect. They communicate extremely clearly. You just have to listen and expand your way of communicating!"




What if you could get over trying so hard to be normal and to fit in and what if you could instead start to enjoy and employ your difference and your weirdness and use it to create your life and be the difference this world so requires and desires! Get the tools and the information that should have been handed to you when you were born!"




What if change and being happy is a possibility for You? 

Welcome to a different reality!



Mag. Susanna Mittermaier, licensed clinical psychologist, CFWM, Access Consciousness Facilitator and founder of Pragmatic Psychology is creating a different paradigm with psychology and therapy! 


Susanna is creating remarkable change in the world! Clients from all over the world come to Susanna for change, real change! Susanna works with people who desire more in life and treats clients with all kinds of diagnosis, psychological and physical pain, inviting her clients to a different functional reality. She does private sessions in  person or over the phone and travels the world to facilitate classes.



"Pragmatic Psychology is asking the questions that unlock your awareness, outcreate the invention of wrongness and open the doors to who you truly be, what you truly know and to access your capacities that are Greater than what you could ever imagine!", Susanna



Are YOU looking for a different possibility? 



Susanna describes it as psychology helping you to adjust to this reality, adding consciousness just completely takes you out of the box to access more of you than you could ever imagine!



Discover the tools that work  to create the change you desire! Are you up for it  Welcome to Pragmatic Psychology! 




Welcome to YOUR WORLD!




"Susanna is an artist and a professional at what she does, it was a privilege to have met her. My world changed!", G.B, Sweden